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Boost Your Smile Confidence
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Reveal Your Dream Smile
with a Smile Makeover

Your smile plays a big role in how you feel about yourself. As such, a less-than-ideal smile can have a significant impact on your self-confidence, social life, and even career advancement. Whether you have failing fillings, stained tooth enamel, or an obvious bite issue, this can bring a hit to your self-esteem. At Smile Design Centre, our comprehensive approach to smile makeovers draws upon the advanced techniques of cosmetic dentistry to restore the unforgettable smile you once had or the picture-perfect smile you’ve always imagined.

Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of reshaping, aligning, and brightening teeth to create natural-looking, confident, and beautiful smiles that complement facial aesthetics. Smile makeovers in Hagerstown, MD combine a customized array of aesthetic dentistry procedures using state-of-the-art technology to enhance smile beauty, and secondarily improve dental function. When you choose our practice for a customized smile makeover, we consider your oral health, the number of issues that need to be resolved, your own vision of a perfect smile, and your budget.

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Dr. Raja Says "Let’s Get You To A Healthy Smile! See How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Get You There!"

The Steps in
Your Smile Transformation

If you’re looking for a treatment that focuses primarily on transforming smile aesthetics with personalized care and a VIP level of attention, a cosmetic dentist is your best choice! At Smile Design Centre, we understand everyone has unique insecurities about their smile, so we’ll discuss this during your initial consultation. We use every detail of this consultation to fine-tune your smile makeover treatment plan and create a truly customized smile that fits your facial structure, gumline, lip line, and lifestyle. We’ll explain the different procedures we offer and recommend the ones that are going to give you the outcome you’re looking for.

If you have oral health issues such as decay, loose fillings, or gum disease, we treat these problems first to create a healthy foundation prior to any cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our team has seen firsthand how smile makeovers in Hagerstown, MD have the power to change people’s lives, and want to make this dream a reality for you. We accept insurance from many carriers and offer financing options to make your smile makeover more affordable. When you entrust us with your smile, we go above and beyond so you feel confident you made the right choice!

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